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Studio Pilates (otherwise known as Clinical Pilates) is a form of Pilates that utilises specialty spring based equipment together with your very own, individually tailored Pilates program to deliver a balanced set of exercise routines to suit your specific needs.


The settings and tension of the springs on the equipment are easily adjusted to change the intensity of the workout and the focus on different parts of your body.


The studio equipment adds challenge and variety to your workout, while our instructors keep you focused and fully supervised at all times during your session  to ensure that you receive the optimum Pilates training that will unlock your full performance potential.


Our class sizes are limited to 3-4 people (in Semi Private Sessions), to ensure that you receive the best possible supervision and attention, however, Private Sessions are also available for those who prefer one–on-one type of workout.


Studio Pilates is ideal for the following:       

  • Pregnancy through all trimesters


  • Chronic back pain and disc bulges


  • Your general overall body conditioning


  • Seniors (60+)


  • Osteoporosis


  • Scoliosis


  • Joint pain & osteoarthritis


  • Shoulder, knee & hip injuries


  • Incontinence


  • Sacroiliac dysfunction


  • Management of sports & work injuries, rehabilitation


  • Exercise before, during and after cancer treatment


If you have been referred by a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or an Incontinence Specialist for Pilates injury / condition management, Studio Pilates would be best suited to you. Your injury will be assessed during our Initial Consultancy and if we consider your condition to be outside of our expertise, we will refer you to one of our trusted practitioners.


Getting Started with us

All of our clients, regardless of injury or fitness level, begin their Pilates experience with an Initial Assessment so that the ideal tailored program can be developed to meet their needs. During this assessment, you will complete a series of exercises which will help your instructor to determine your muscle imbalances, postural and alignment issues as well as your muscle strengths and weaknesses.


Based on the outcomes of your assessment and medical history, we will develop a tailored individualised program to help you achieve your goals towards better health and wellbeing.


After your Initial Assessment, we recommend that you attend at least one more Pilates Personal Training appointment in order to introduce you to the basics of Pilates and to teach you how to engage your core muscles and how to use the Studio equipment correctly. Following this Private session, most people progress to Duo or Small group sessions of up to 4 people. Whatever involvement one chooses, our Instructors will be there to supervise and guide you through your own specific program.


To arrange your Initial Assessment and appointments, you can buy your introductory package online or if you are more comfortable on the phone, feel free to call Liz Varga at any time. 



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The studio equipment adds challenge

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