Mat Pilates


Mat Pilates exercise routines are performed on an exercise mat utilising your own body weight and small apparatus such as resistance rings, balls and thera-bands. Even without the added equipment, the attention to the flow of movement, breathing and core muscles creates a challenging workout which provides great toning benefits.



The key to performing mat pilates exercises well is to focus on breathing. Pilates mat exercises require you to learn and use belly breathing instead of chest breathing. What this means is, your lungs expand and contract without too much movement in the chest. This type of breathing stabilizes the spine and ensures that the abdominals are challenged correctly during mat pilates exercise.



Our mat classes are suitable for healthy bodies for all levels of client’s fitness. Classes are organized by levels of exercise difficulty from beginner, through to progressive, intermediate and advanced. Mat classes are of 1 hour duration, so come in and trial your first session for free.

Mat Pilates


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